Heat Pumps, ducted systems and air conditioning

Heat Pumps, ducted systems and air conditioning

Be aware of cowboys in the industry, please read on ...

Tucker Electrical is extensively involved in the supply and installation of heat pumps, ducted, ventilation and air conditioning systems in residential and commercial applications.  With many years experience in the field we provide accurate information and reliable advise.

Heat pumps and ducted systems have excellent capabilities to control your home or workplace environment.  BUT ... if they are not correctly sized they WILL NOT give you the desired results.  The heat pump industry is over run with suppliers who are willing to compromise by installing undersized units that will neither work efficiently or effectively simply because to the consumer it appears they can offer the better deal.

If a supplier or installer is significantly cheaper than another you need to understand why.  In all honesty there is not a lot of variance in heat pump pricing between suppliers and installers, so what exactly are you getting for your money and how can you be sure it will deliver the results you are after?

  • Tucker will give you accurate and reliable advice on heat pumps, ventilations and air conditioning systems.
  • Free quotes and friendly service
  • Bulk buying ability that ensures competitive pricing amongst reputable providers
  • We won't compromise for a sale, it's dishonest and contributes to the undeserved 'bad rap' of heatpumps
  • Certified, accredited and manufacturer approved installers
  • Suppliers of all the popular and trusted brands in New Zealand like Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic
  • Cleaning and servicing program for existing heat pumps
  • Accredited service agents for most popular and trusted brands