Security Systems

Security Systems

Much more than just a burglar alarm

From entry level alarm systems to advanced integrated monitoring with all the bells and whistles, Tucker Electrical can confidently supply, install and program your home or office security system.

Security systems offer peace of mind and security to your home and workplace when you're not around, with financial benefits often of reduced insurance premiums.  Today's technology has made more advanced features in security systems more widely available, with more convenient and fun features.

Modern home security features prove to be very valuable in the case of burglars who can easily work around standard home systems.

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options and features to consider in your next security system:

  • panic buttons
  • remote access
  • mechanical door locks
  • security cameras
  • security monitors
  • battery backup
  • outdoor security sensors
  • door chime
  • glass break and motion detectors
  • separate zones
  • mobile monitoring
  • text capability
  • integrated smoke detectors
  • central and external monitoring systems
  • dialling / messaging capabilities